Apple Pie Caramel | Sweets of Eden

Apple Pie Caramel

American pie and oh so good! A favorite of auntie Syd's and uncle Jeff.


Brown Sugar Caramel | Sweets of Eden

Brown Sugar Caramel


and Mike's new favorite! 


Coffee Caramel | Sweets of Eden

Coffee Caramel

A little cup of Joe on the go. A favorite of auntie Karen and uncle Leo!


Licorice Caramel | Sweets of Eden

Licorice Caramel


Want to make this your favorite?


Pumpkin Pie Caramel | Sweets of Eden

Pumpkin Pie Caramel

Always a fall favorite! Chas and Samar LOVE THESE.

Raspberry Caramel | Sweets of Eden

Raspberry Caramel

Raspberry and Vanilla creates a subtle flavor.  Tracy's Favorite!


Root Beer Caramel

A seasonal flavor that Daniel, Auntie Lynda, Uncle Mike and Todd want year round.


Vanilla Caramel | Sweets of Eden

Vanilla Caramel

Smooth. Delicious. The original! Everyone's favorite.


Vanilla Sea Salt Caramel | Sweets of Eden

Vanilla Sea Salt Caramel

Sweet and savory. We take our favorite Vanilla's to a whole new level! Adam's favorite!


Lemon Caramel | Sweets of Eden

Lemon Caramel

Testing, testing!

Cinnamon Caramel

Almost here!


We finally went nuts! Our traditional vanilla with pecans.


Sweets of Eden is currently working on new flavors.  When our posse gives the final thumbs up we will share them here!  In the meantime we are having a great time in flavor town!

What flavor would you like to see on our website?  Drop us a line!