Who We Are

Welcome, thanks for cruising on in!

Generations of our family have waited for special occasions and holidays to get their fix of our original vanilla caramels!  This was our family secret recipe, so secret, in fact we lost it for a few years!  Thankfully once found we began making them again.

Using our family and friends as taste testers we added different flavors over the past few years.  Some passed the test and some didn't, they are a tough crowd! Now everyone has their new favorite.  As for us, the makers, every flavor is our favorite until the next new batch is made!

What will be your favorite?  Come on in and visit! 

Handcrafted Goods

Using select ingredients, one batch at a time, we slow stir, pour, cut and wrap our caramels. We take great care in our kitchen to make the best product we can. Our family hopes you enjoy each and every flavor as much as we do.

Our Best Sellers

Coffee Caramel | Sweets of Eden

Coffee Caramel

Root Beer Caramel