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Thank you for stopping by!  A mother daughter duo with a supportive circle of family and friends we are Susanne McBride and Kate Brown and we love our caramels.  Born and raised in Salinas, California we are 4th and 5th generation Salinas Valley/Steinbeck Country residents.  Our family is deeply rooted here in Monterey County with stories to tell and memories to share.

Susanne McBride

Chief cook, bottle washer and flavor finder

Kate Brown

#1 Wrapper, Promoter and Sales, Food critic and #1 Flavor Tester

Mike McBride

Mr, Fix It and Chauffer

Daniel Brown

IT Support, Sales and Flavor Tester

Colton and Morgan Brown

Flavor testers in training and 100% comic relief!

And the Aunties: Alamo, Rothove & Wasson, a semi-pro support group

Lynda Alamo and Karen Rothove, the older sisters and Sydney Wasson, the dearest friend